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Former Northwest Portlander 
Tanya Lyn March received her doctoral degree in Urban Studies from Portland State University in 2010, focusing on historic preservation and community development. She has a master's degree in Historic Preservation  from Columbia University and is raising two young boys who attend Metropolitan Learning Center in Northwest Portland. She is currently working on a book about home front experiences of children who lived in the Guild's Lake Courts war housing in Northwest Portland during World War II. 

What Portland experts have to say about your tour guide:
"Tanya March is a deeply knowledgeable historian and historic preservation professional with skills to delve deeply into any question about urban growth."
-Carl Abbot, historian and prolific author 

 "Great researcher. Very involved in city planning and neighborhood activities. Fully engaged in the Portland community."
-Chet Orloff, director and president of Museum of the City.
"Tanya has contributed numerous times to the online architecture magazine for which I am the editor. Her knowledge of Portland's history and its built environment is impressive, yet she is equally adept at communicating and bringing alive that which she writes about - making history resonate for a broad contemporary audience. What's more, she's never missed a deadline."
- Brian Libby, freelance journalist

 "An extraordinary archival researcher with a talent for identifying and recognizing the content of historical photos I have never seen in anyone else." 
-Tim Askin, owner at Pacific History Services

 "Ran an excellent class on historic preservation and helped inspire the creation of our neighborhood's historic district application - which is on the fast track to be the first mid-century modern listing in Oregon."

-Elizabeth Chapin, student PSU

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Thank you Brooklyn Sherman and Olivia O. Roberts our Junior Tour Guides, these teenage interns are lending their support and enthusiasm for Portland's History. 

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Slabtown Nob Hill Fun Fact #22

Why are there so many horse rings in our neighborhood?

For a decade now The Portland Horse Project has connected the history of horse transportation by attaching plastic horses to existing horse rings.  This art activity engages children and adults with very tangible remnants of our city's equine past.  The horses left on the rings add a bit of whimsy to our city street.  This guerilla art effort, started in 2005 by Scott Wayne, links us to our past.  

As a child I thought that all the horse rings in the curbs were for the personal use of the property owners.  If all owners today had cars, why not personal horses?, followed my logic.  In fact all the rings were not for personal horses they were for delivery drivers to tie up their horses when bringing owners slab wood, blocks of ice, moving furniture, etc.

In January 15, 1907 the Oregonian ran the story "Fuel Dealers are Unable to Supply Their Customers" this was attributed by the East Side Slab Wood Company pointing not to a supply shortage but to a shortage of horses: "Our only trouble is to find teams for delivery."  East Side Slab Wood Company switched from hauling with horses to "auto trucks" in 1920 and sold off its 16 wagons in the classifieds.  Other companies including the Portland Slabwood Company, Crystal Ice and Storage Company, Holman Transfer Company, and Multnomah Fuel Company were facing more stringent City rules governing their stables which propelled them to mechanization of their hauling systems.  Garbage wagons appear to have been single operator ventures when the garbage wagons were not city owned and operated.  As these various haulers of goods converted to new delivery systems the horse rings slipped into disuse for decades.    

It would be interesting to learn when the city switched to garbage trucks and when did household stop burning most of their trash in their yards.  Perhaps the subject of a future Fun Fact...